Bird Watching 

Hi, this page is intended to explain to you about Bird Watching trip with me, so I divided this trip into several package by region of travel :

1.North Sulawesi Bird Watching (9 days)

This trip takes approximately 9 days long started from Tangkoko Nature Reserve Bitung and finish at Mahawu Mountain Tomohon :

  • 4 days trip  at Tangkoko Nature Reserve Bitung
  • 3 days trip at Demoga Bone National Park and
  • 2 days trip at Mahawu Mountain Tomohon

but if you want to make another trip plan, please do not hesitated to tell me,  we can arrange that.

2. Central Sulawesi Bird Watching

a day trip at Lore Lindu National Park


3. Togian Island Bird Watching (3-4 days)

we are going to need 3-4 days to exploring birds in this island.















4. Halmahera Bird Watching (12 days)

This might be the longest time in a bird watching trip because we would have spent about 12 days to explore hundreds of species of birds that inhabit the following territories:

  • 4 days trip at Weda
  • 4 days trip at Poli
  • 4 days trip at Sidangoli

still, we can arrange our trip according to your wishes.


5. Sangihe Island Bird Watching (3-4 days)

This Sangihe Island trip  will 0nly takes 3-4 days trips to explore the bird world that is inhabit the island, if you need more times to spent we can still arrange that.

6. Sangihe Talaud Bird Watching

We will takes 3-4 days to explore the world of birds in this amazing place, and…of course we can arrange the time according to your wishes.

Best regards,

Samuel Masedung

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