West Papua

The most exciting place for birds photography and birdwatching in the east of Indonesia, West Papua is simply “world class” and the safer place for seeing birds-of-paradise

In terms of number of bird species and bird species endemism West Papua is the number one on our list.

This fantastic and rich tropical forest is the home for hundreds of “world class” species of birds including the birds-of-paradise.

Birding in West Papua is quite challenging but can give you extraordinary results and a great experience as the diverse avifauna in west papua has so much more to offer than just the birds-of-paradise.

Duration : 15 days

Start : Sorong

End  : Manokwari

Difficullities : Advance to Expert

Focus : Birding

Min. Group size : 2 persons

Max. Group size : 10 persons

What’s included:

  • transportation
  • Accommodation : hotel
  • entrance fee
  • guide fee
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 1-5

  • Arrival in Sorong airport
  • Checkin hotel
  • Birding in Malagufuk
  • Checkout from Sorong

Day 6-9

  • Chekin hotel in Waigeo
  • Birding in Waigeo island
  • Checkout from Waigeo

Day 10-15

  • Checkin hotel in Manokwari
  • Our Birding trip ends in Arfak mountain for 5-6 days
  • Checkout and heading back to the airport.

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