Exploring the jungle of Tangkoko is another impressive story for me to told, as I walked through the land in  dense forest the air that pass through the throat was just invigorate.

In last November 10, 2016 I was accompanying my guest Mr. Robert to exploring Tangkoko Nature Reserve,  as we walk through the forest  Mr. Robert was able to take a shot of some of the endemic species of North Sulawesi, I think he never missed a chance with his camera, for as long as i see, he was able to takes photo of some of this species :

– Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher (Ceyx pallax)

– Sulawesi pitta (Erythropitta celebensis)

– Red backed thrush (Geokichla erythronota)

– Ochre bellied boobook (Ninox ochracea)

– Minahassa masked owl (Tyto inexspectata)

– Sulawesi dwarf hornbill (Penelopides exarhatus)

– Black crested macaque ( Macaca nigra)

– Bear cuscus (Ailurops)

I was happy to be Mr. Robert guide as well as I will be happy to be your guide when you decided to visit North Sulawesi, just remember to always take your camera with you 🙂 .

Best regards,

Samuel Masedung


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