Central Sulawesi

Birding in the rich tropical jungles, dense rainforest and rugged mountain peaks of Central Sulawesi is an amazing experience, especially if you are an adventurer

There is probably nowhere better to see unique avifauna of Sulawesi, approximately  70-80% of the Sulawesi’s endemic species inhabit this middle part of the remarkable K-shape island.

Lore Lindu National Park has a well deserved reputation for montane specialities, climb up to the Anaso track to get access to higher altitude.

There is also Togian island as a part of the trip, trekking around this island to find more unique birds while enjoying green emerald beach of this island.

Duration : 5 days

Start : Lore lindu

End  : Togian

Difficullities : Advance to Expert

Focus : Birding

Min. Group size : 2 persons

Max. Group size : 10 persons

What’s included:

  • transportation
  • Accommodation : hotel
  • entrance fee
  • guide fee
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 1

Arrival in Palu airport

Travel to Lore Lindu

Checkin hotel and continue for short afternoon trip at the Lore Lindu National Park.

Day 2

Continue trekking in Lore Lindu National Park.

Chekout from Lore Lindu 

Day 3-5

Arrive in Togian island and checkin hotel.

Birding and exploring in Togian island.

Checkout hotel and headig back to Palu airport.

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