This island lies farther to the east of Indonesia and consequently its avifauna is among the world’s rarest, including the Standardwing bird of paradise

Halmahera, in the north Moluccas, offers more than 35 species confined to the region. Particular birds of interest on this Island include the outlandish Wallace’s Standardwing.

Halmahera is also called Jailolo, it is part of the North Maluku province, The island of Maluku it self located between the Molluca sea and the Pacific ocean.

The naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace visited Halmahera, he considered the standardwing bird of paradise, to be his greatest prize, as described in his 1869 book The Malay Archipelago.

Duration : 12 days

Start : Weda

End  : Sidangoli

Difficullities : Advance to Expert

Focus : Birding

Min. Group size : 2 persons

Max. Group size : 10 persons

What’s included:

  • transportation
  • Accommodation : hotel
  • entrance fee
  • guide fee
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Day 1-4

  • Arrival in Ternate airport
  • Checkin hotel
  • Birding in Weda is a great experience, this is because of birds can be seen almost anywhere even along side the road. 

Day 5-8

Birding in Aketajawe National Park and around Poli

Day 9-12

  • Birding in Sidangoli starts when we cross the sea, because birds are often seen crossing the sea.
  • Heading back to Ternate airport

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