with mr Simon Ducatez
Breakfast wtih Mr. Simon Ducatez at Lorelindu

This photo was taken on Feb 5, 2017 at Lorelindu, we were taking breakfast before going for Anaso to birding  in there, Anaso is an another place where you could find some of the exotic birds, the distance from Lorelindu to Anaso is not so far it is about 10 km.

Satanic Nightjar
Satanic Nightjar (Eurostopodus diabolicus)


Sulawesi Thrush
Sulawesi thrush (Cataponera turdoides)

Those are some of the birds that you could find at Anaso and let me take you to the places where they are usually shows up, I will be happy to be your guide.

Best regards,

Samuel Masedung


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