Minahasa masked owl

Recently at this February 2017, I was accompanied Mr. Carlos for a birding trip at Tangkoko.

and that day we’ve just got lucky as Mr. Carlos was able to take This Minahasa masked owl (Tyto inexpectata) photo and in a daylight, considering that this bird is usually can be seen only at night.

This rare bird is perch only 5 meter above the ground, this are a rare moment and Mr. Carlos did not want to lose this opportunity.

I was happy too, it was exciting moment and I am sure that you will able to experience it too when you decided to spent your holiday at Tangkoko in North Sulawesi (Manado) in a birding trip with me and I will be happy to be your guide, just do not forget to take your camera with you.

Best regards,

Samuel Masedung


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