During November last year  I was making a trip with Mr. Jems Eaton, this trip takes  almost a month, we started our trip from Luwuk city to Togian to find for the Togian hawk-owl (Togian Boobook / Ninox burhani )and we spent 3 days birding at Togian before we go back to Luwuk.

From Luwuk we continue our trip to Cocolomboi (Peleng) and we found the banggai crow (Corvus Unicolor) and Sula Pitta (Erythropitta dohertyi) there.

From Peleng we continue our trip towards Salakan to find for helmeted myna (Basilornis galeatus).

We continue our trip to Taliabu, from Taliabu we headed to Manado to birding at Mahawu Mountain, from Manado we headed to Sangihe and continue to Talaud Island before we go back to Manado to end the trip.

During the trip from Taliabu and finally go back to manado we managed to find the following birds:

–          Bare-eyed myna (Streptocitta albertinae)

–          Variable Kingfisher

–          Scaly-breasted kingfisher (Actenoides princeps)

–          caerulean paradise kingfisher

–          Red and blue lory (Eos histrio)

–          Red breasted pitta

This is my story with Mr. Eaton, if you are interested to birding in Sulawesi please contact me, I’ll be happy to be your guide.

Best regards,

Samuel Masedung


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